Videos - Learn About Your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Features

How To Set Up Your Garage Door Opener - learn how to program your vehicle to open your garage door with just one push of a button.

How To Use Bluetooth - Bluetooth allows the driver to wirelessly access their phone completely hands free. Setting up your phone or other device is quick and simple.

How To Set Up Your Mercedes me App - Link your smart phone in just a few simple steps.

Getting To Know The Mercedes me App - This app was created to elevate your ownership experience. You now have vehicle management, remote access, assistance and support all within your reach.

How To Connect Android Auto - Integrate your Android smart phone with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to control your main phone functions on your dashboard. Make phone calls, play music, navigate and more.

How To Connect Apple CarPlay - Integrate your iPhone with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to control your main phone functions on your dashboard. Listen to iTunes, dictate text messages, access your podcasts and more.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Radio Functions - Play your favorite radio stations with just one click. Set up is easy, and you can choose from AM, FM, SiriusXM Radio and TuneIn Radio.

How To Use Climate Control With Air Balance - Finding the perfect temperature in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle has never been easier. Control temperature, fan speed, zones and modes.

How To Set Up A WiFi Hotspot In Your Mercedes-Benz - All you need is COMAND and a Mercedes me subscription and your passengers can connect their phones, laptops and other devices.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Select - Dynamic Select allows you to adapt how your vehicle feels to how you feel. Change between five driving modes: Comfort, Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Offroad - or customize your own mode. Even choose manual shifting.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Touchpad - Access all features, controls and displays that keep you in command.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Voice Control - Access many features while keeping your attention on the road. Make phone calls, dictate text messages, start navigation and change the radio station, all by voice command.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Tech Navigation and Route Guidance - Access maps, get directions, search for destinations and more directly from your vehicle. 

How To Use The Mercedes-Benz Multimedia System - Control your vehicle's functions using steering wheel buttons, center console controller and touchpad (if equipped).

How To Use Mercedes-Benz SUV Drive Modes - Take your vehicle off-road with six different driving modes for a variety of conditions. Each changes the drivetrain, suspension, traction and stability features to optimize for any terrain.

How To Use The Favorites Menu - Store up to 20 vehicle features, such as your favorite massage program, ambient light settings and frequently used addresses. 

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Head Up Display - Your HUD keeps your eyes on the road while keeping you informed about your speed, next turn on navigation and more. 

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Text Messaging - Send and receive text messages hands-free via your connected smart phone so you can always stay focused on the road ahead. 

How To Use Mercedes-Benz COMAND - Add functions to your favorites list, use smartphone voice assistant, use navigation and so much more.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Keyless GO - You can lock and unlock your doors, open and close your windows and drive off, all without touching your keys.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Active Distance DISTRONIC and Active Speed Limit Assist - Maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you, even if they slow down or stop with Active Distance Assist. Active Speed Limit Assist can read speed limit signs, so you don't have to worry about changing speeds.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Hands-Free Access - Open your doors and tailgate without trying to find your keys in your pocket or purse. If your hands are full, open the tailgate by placing your foot under the bumper.

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Active Steering Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist - Your vehicle will let you know when you start drifting out of your lane and will even help guide you back into your lane. 

How To Use Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist - Your vehicle can help you identify parking spaces as you drive by and steer your car into the space for you. Use this feature in a crowded parking lot or on a spot on the street.

How To Charge Your Plug-In Hybrid - learn more about your hybrid vehicle, plus how to refuel the gas tank and recharge the battery.