Leasing vs. Buying Your Next Mercedes-Benz in Tuscaloosa

Should I Lease or Should I Buy? Compare Your Auto Financing Choices

At the Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa finance center, we're commonly asked "should I lease or should I buy?". It's a valid question. Leasing and buying are, on their most basic level, two different ways to finance a vehicle. But they do provide some key differences in terms of ownership, usage allowances, fees, and flexibility. If you're wondering whether it's a better choice for you to lease or buy your next Mercedes-Benz in Meridian MS or nearby, read on. We're going to attempt to take the mystique away from the entire automotive financing process to help you make a more informed luxury car financing choice!

About Our Mercedes-Benz Finance Center

Here at the Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa finance center, we're committed to helping you get into the Mercedes-Benz of your dreams via affordable automotive financing. We work with local lenders from Columbus MS to Northport AL and beyond to secure some of the most competitive auto financing rates in and around Tuscaloosa. Whether you wind up leasing or buying, you're sure to get a fair deal with our Mercedes-Benz financing solutions.

Our Finance Specials

Looking to save even more when it comes time to secure a car loan in Tuscaloosa? You can do just that by taking advantage of our financing specials and luxury vehicle incentives. Our financing specials are designed to help you get the Mercedes-Benz you want for a price you won't want to pass up. Browse our financing specials online today to maximize your vehicle savings and contact us on the Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa finance team if you have any lingering questions.

Compare Leasing vs. Buying

Now that you've learned more about our finance center, generally speaking, and our finance specials, it's time to learn more about whether or not leasing or buying is better for you. That said, here's a handy comparison of common benefits our customers have talked about when leasing and when buying (financing a vehicle purchase).

  • Leasing: Looking to step up to a new luxury car every few years with all the latest conveniences and features like ambient lighting, heated massaging seats and the Mercedes pre-safe® active safety suite? Leasing your next Mercedes-Benz might be best for you. Leasing lets you finance a portion of a vehicle's value plus interest over a period of months - usually 24 or 36. Certain annual mileage restrictions often apply. Leasing a car also usually gets you a lower monthly payment than financing that same car, and may require less money down. When your lease ends, you pay any associated lease-end fees and turn in your vehicle, allowing you to easily upgrade to a new vehicle.

  • Buying: Want the cheapest overall option? If you plan to keep your vehicle a long time, then buying, or financing a vehicle purchase, might be right for you. Buying your next Mercedes-Benz will give you a range of loan duration terms, often ranging from 24-72 months. The more you extend your loan, the lower your monthly payment, but the longer you're committed to a vehicle. Once you pay off your vehicle, you own it outright, though monthly payments may be higher than with a comparable lease. If you drive many miles in a given year, though, buying might be best, as it doesn't restrict you with mileage limits.

Ask Away! We're Here to Answer Your Car Financing Questions.

Have any questions about leasing vs. buying your next Mercedes-Benz or pre-owned luxury vehicle at our Tuscaloosa Mercedes-Benz dealership and finance center? Get in touch with us online or by phone today and we'll be glad to further assist you in your decision to lease or buy.


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