Chances are the last thing you think about when buying your vehicle is the climate control system, but Mercedes-Benz is here to ensure you can breathe freely when you get behind the wheel. The revolutionary Mercedez-Benz ionizer and atomizer uses an air purifier and gentle scents to completely change the atmosphere inside your vehicle.

What is Ionization?

Simply put, ionization is the use of electricity to filter particles from the air in order to purify it. Traditionally thought of for the home, air ionizers have been used for decades to purify air and remove harmful particles that cause irritation, trigger allergies, and contribute to dust. While you may not feel that this is a big deal for you, most drivers find that adding ionization to their climate control system leads to less fatigue, especially on long road trips. Because you are breathing in cleaner air, your body is better able to maintain the energy needed to tackle a long day behind the wheel. And if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, ionization will provide you with the crisp, clean air you need to truly breathe easy every time you get inside your new Mercedes-Benz model.

As your climate control system picks up air, whether it be from outside or recirculating through the cabin, it uses ionization to filter out contaminants. A high-voltage current creates negative ions that move through the air, cleaning and sterilizing as they go. This means that the air around you is constantly being purified, rather than purified air coming out of the system only to be contaminated as it travels through the cabin. By combining the physical cabin air filter with air ionization, your Mercedes-Benz promises to deliver a true fresh-air experience every time you drive. Smells coming from pets, dirty sports equipment, pets, and other sources will be neutralized in short order, and you’ll always enjoy that light, fresh feeling you get each time you climb behind the wheel.

Add Some Scent with an Atomizer!

If you want to create a more refined atmosphere inside your Mercedes-Benz model, air atomizers give you several scent options to choose from in order to do just that. After the air has been filtered and ionized for purity, the atomizer can add trace amounts of scent into the air to change the way you feel as you drive. With four unique scents or ‘moods’ to choose from, you can enjoy a unique scent experience as you go about your day. Freeside, sports, downtown, and nightlife each come with their own unique scent profiles designed to enhance your mood and keep your sprits bright and your energy high as you drive.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

To take advantage of these two revolutionary climate control features, visit Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa today! Our newest Mercedes-Benz models are available with this latest technology to enhance you drives around Meridian and Columbus, MS, so visit us in Tuscaloosa to take one for a test drive! You’ll be surprised at how much different you will feel when you use the ionizer to purify the air around you, and you’ll quickly appreciate the subtle scents of the atomizer when you want to enjoy a new cabin atmosphere on an otherwise boring drive. We’ll even help you change the scents and help you make the most of your advanced climate control system to improve comfort for you and everyone else that rides with you.

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