Road trips are meant to be enjoyed, full of excitement and adventures, or at the very least comfortable. The last thing that you want during your road trip is cramped passengers and unaccommodating features. Mercedes Benz has rolled out the ultimate vehicle, the Mercedes Benz Weekender, that is also comfortable and versatile without compromising on your luxury experience. You’ll be amazed at the abundance of features that it offers which will allow you to take extended road trips with all of the comfort and accommodations all wrapped up in one vehicle, the excellent fuel economy doesn’t hurt either.

Why Choose the Mercedes-Benz Weekender?

Mercedes-Benz is known for its exceptional quality and as a leading example for modern vehicle designs and mechanisms. Historically, when one wanted to take a road trip, it wasn’t uncommon to automatically assume that you needed a big, clunky sleeper van one that was not only old but terrible on gas. It was even questionable if you’d even arrive at your destination.

Mercedes-Benz has unleashed the ultimate camper van. Once you go for your first road trip in this, you will never consider using anything else, and we’re going to show you exactly why.

What Makes the Mercedes-Benz Weekender Great for Roadtrips?


The Weekender tows up to 5,000 pounds, so you can hook up a trailer that will hold extra luggage, skis, bikes, snowmobiles, and much more. In the case that you arrive at your destination and want to commute in a smaller vehicle, you can also tow a motorcycle or a second vehicle.

Abundant Seating & Sleeping

It seats five people and is equipped to sleep four. The rear seats pull out into a bed, and the pop-up roof has another pull-down bed that sleeps two more people, which has a 2-inch memory foam mattress. The pop-up roof also has mosquito screens to protect you and allow ventilation to keep you comfortable while camping. The pop-top also allows you to stand up in the vehicle, which makes navigating around the vehicle more accessible.

Solar Panels and USB Ports

The average passenger operates at least two devices during a road trip, which can use up a lot of power. The added solar panels allow more power to handle all of the mechanisms and added plugins.

Roof Rack

There’s an abundance of storage inside of the vehicle, but you’ll also find roof racks. When you’re ready to go on that adventurous road trip, the Mercedes Benz Weekender will hold all of your canoes, kayaks, luggage and even your large containers.

Impressive Engine

The Mercedes Benz Weekender has a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged gasoline engine with over 200 horsepower. There is even a second battery that provides extra power, so you do not have to worry about overpowering the vehicle with plugged-in devices or long trips.

Provides a Luxury Experience

Even with the added solar panels, USB ports, pop up roof, mosquito mesh windows, and ample sleeping quarters, there are still several features that we haven’t even touched upon. Between the rear and front seating, there is a table that swivels out that can serve multiple functions. With the addition of the table, you’re able to dine, play cards, or set your laptop up and get some work done.

What’s even more impressive is that you can completely swivel the front seats around, to face the back, where all of the passengers can convene around the table, or just chat with one another. Another feature that you will only find in the Mercedes-Benz Weekender is a full pull-out drawer under the rear seat for added storage.

It’s large enough for extra clothes, devices, or even blankets and pillows. As if that weren’t enough to persuade you, it also comes with up to 15,000-mile service intervals, a rearview camera, load adaptive ESP, and ECO start/stop, and Attention Assist.

See the Mercedes-Benz Weekender Today

Now that you are aware of just some of the features of the Mercedes Benz Weekender, you probably realize that there is no other vehicle on the market that compares. Stop by Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa to see it for yourself today!

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