The new Mercedes-Benz GT Roadster is a reinvention of the pure sports car, opened up to the world. With the new GT Roadsters, the handcrafted AMG performance is unleashed. The Mercedes-Benz GT Roadster is born to perform. Everything from fuel pressure to exhaust routing is made to quicken, heighten and intensify its response. You'll feel as good as you look with the cool breezes and sunshine coming down on you.


The Mercedes-AMG engine featured in the GT Roadster is a 4.0L V8 engine with twin turbos placed between their banks for quicker response. Dry sump design moves oil supply aside, for lower engine mounting. In the 469 horsepower AMG GT, 60 mpg happens in 3.9 seconds. In the 550 horsepower AMG GT C, just 3.6 seconds to 60 mpg.

The AMG GT C's standard AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package shows off its muscle. Dynamic engine and transaxle mounts use electromagnetic fluid that stiffens progressively, to keep handling precise during aggressive maneuvering. For even more performance driving the steering wheel is thoughtfully wrapped in grippy DINAMICA microsuede.

Flowing Design

With the top up for down, the long-hood exudes purity with purpose. From the Panamericana grille to an active rear spoiler, airflow under, over and into the body is managed with brilliance. Each element contributes to the performance.

You can open up your Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster to the world in just 11 quick seconds. The top is tailored from three layers and available in three colors. The soft top powers up or down even at speeds up to 31 mpg. A fixed mesh wind deflector also assists in keeping the cabin calm.

The AMG Performance seats combine sporting support with comfort. Performance controls are ready to handle and are laid out in a V shape on the wide console. A spectrum of cabin appointments, wheel choices, paint hues, and styling packages let you make a powerful and personal statement no matter where you go.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster will change the way you drive. Take advantage of warm days and winding roads in a sports car made to take you for a thrilling journey every time.

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